Sign & Display

In an increasingly busy world, it is important to cut through the clutter and have signage that really helps you to stand out from the crowd

Like many things, there are some regular sizes that sign and display products can be made to, but we can also provide products to an individual, customised size.

Here at The Officeway we have a range of media types that can be used to suit your situation to ensure that you get the best product for you.

We also have a design service available for sign and display items.  Click here for rates.

If you are designing your own flyers or leaflets, we will require the artwork in a certain format. Please click here for our technical specifications.

Posters - Short Run.jpg


Posters are a simple and cheap way to get your brand known. They are often used for short term advertisements such as for offers or promotions, but they can also be used in the longer term.

We can print regular (A4 – A0+) sized posters, but we can also provide posters to a custom size to fit your specifications.

We have the ability to print onto a range of different media types. This allows your signage to be printed onto something that will be suitable for your requirements. 

Please see below for our handy guide to our media types and their common applications. Please feel free to discuss with us how you intend to use your poster and we can advise on the best solution.

Poster Prices

Due to the vast amount of sizes, quantities and qualities available, please contact us for a quote or, alternatively, click here here for representative poster prices.

A Master A Board.jpg


A-Boards are a highly effective marketing tool. Positioned in the correct place, your offer and/or brand will be seen 1000’s of times per day.

We are able to supply a variety of A-Boards in various sizes - usually paper sizes A2, A1 or A0 but other sizes are available.

Prints are recommended onto sturdy banner fabric. This allows them to be interchangeable without the loss of quality over time.

A-Board Prices
A2 Board with 2 x Prints - £75 + VAT

A1 Board with 2 x Prints - £99 + VAT

A0 Board with 2 x Prints - £149 + VAT


EcoFlex 2 Board.jpg

Flexi Boards

Flex boards are becoming increasingly popular as they are small enough to be versatile, but they pack a punch! Great where space is a but more of a premium.


These boards come with a base and an aluminium panel complete with vinyl graphics to show off your information.

Flexi Board Prices
410mm x 763mm with 2 x Prints - £69 + VAT

460mm x 818mm with 2 x Prints - £79 + VAT

540mm x 917mm with 2 x Prints - £89 + VAT

Signtmaster 3 Waterbased Sign.jpg

Water-Based Forecourt Signs

For added stability, a water-based forecourt sign adds more weight to the base which allows it to better with-stand the elements. 


These signs also stand upright allowing them to be more readable to the passerby.

Prints are recommended onto sturdy banner fabric. This allows them to be interchangeable without loss of quality over time

Water-Based Forecourt Sign Prices

A1 Board with 2 x Prints - £149 + VAT

A0 Board with 2 x Prints - £239 + VAT


Signage has many different applications and requirements are usually unique to the customer. As a result, we suggest that you contact us to discuss the best option for you. Please see the different types of signage below which may give you an indication to what will suit you the best.


Sign Board Prices

These boards are available in many different sizes, qualities and thicknesses. Representative prices can be seen below but we recommend that you contact us for a personalised quote dependent on your individual project.

A1 - A4 Correx. Foamboard and Dibond Pri
Floor Graphics.jpg

Window, Wall and Floor Graphics

Make the most of your window space by applying signage to catch the eye.

We can supply a range of media to fit into your window, each with their own useful properties. Please see below for our range of media types.

One-Way Vision - perfect for exterior windows where you want to advertise, but still want the outside world to remain visible!

Window Static Cling - a versatile product that is non-sticky but "clings" to a window. Gret for promotional purposes.

Window Graphics - vinyl can be applied to windows or walls to allow you to make the most of the area around you to get your message across to your customers.


Floor Graphics - anti-slip graphics that can be placed onto the floor, allowing for an extremely effective advertising tool!

We suggest that you contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can best advise on what the best options for you will be

Flange Sign.jpg

Flange Signs

Flange signs are signs that project out from a premises. This easily allows passers-by to more easily see the sign, allowing you to catch the eyes of more people.

The signs can be printed double sided and are made from 2mm aluminium panels with a smooth finish and pre-drilled holes for easy mounting onto a wall.

They measure 495mm (round), 500mm x 400mm (oval) or582mm x 417mm (rectangular)

Flange Sign Prices

Round - £49 + VAT

Oval - £49 + VAT

Rectangular - £49 + VAT

Prices include the hardware and print on both sides.